Continuing Education Program Prior-Approval Process in Pennsylvania

Please see the following announcement from the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) regarding pre-approval for live continuing education programs for Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians, Registered:

CDR does not require live activities to be prior approved. To clarify, live activities are in real time, the actual time during which a process takes place or an event occurs. Therefore, as long as the activity you are providing is dietetics related, a structured educational activity, professional in nature, and follows the PDP activity guidelines found in the Table of Contents under Professional Development Portfolio Process in the PDP Guide, it can be eligible for CPEUs for CDR. However, CDR does require all Self Study activities to be prior approved or through accredited providers.

Why should I continue to get my continuing education program approved in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that providers of live activities in Pennsylvania continue to receive approval from our PA Academy Continuing Education Approval Process so that the program is able to be submitted for continuing education credit for licensure in PA.

How do I submit a program for approval?

  1. Obtain a Login and Password for the CDR continuing education database. Instructions to obtain a Login and Password for the CDR database
    for continuing education approval can be found at: . This is a one-time process. Once you have a Login and Password, you can submit programs for approval at any time.
  2.   Provide payment in the form of check to the PA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics business office.  The fee schedule is as follows:

    ·       $20 for 1 CPE hour
    ·       $40 for 2 CPE hours
    ·       $60 for 3 CPE hours
    ·       $80 for 4 CPE hours
    ·       $100 for 5 CPE hours
    ·       $120 for 6 CPE hours
    ·       $140 for 7 CPE hours
    ·       $160 for 8 CPE hours
    ·       $180 for 9 CPE hours

    ·       $200 for 10 CPE hours

    $200.00 maximum for Program of 10 CPE hours or more

    Applicants should include not only the title to the program, but also the Activity # for their program that is assigned when they enter the program on the CDR website in the memo section of their check.

    Send a check with the program title and activity # in the memo made out to “Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation” in the amount specified above to: PA Academy Foundation, PO Box 211025, Columbus, OH 43221.
  3. Using your login and password, log into the CDR database using the blue login link on the top right hand side of the CDR web site: .  All required information must be entered into the CDR database and, therefore, do not send via email, fax or postal mail.  Enter all information requested.  Be sure to attach/upload documentation that shows the following:
    • Educational objectives, describing anticipated outcomes for each session.
    • An Agenda or Timeline, detailing all the time spent in sessions, meals, breaks, testing, etc.
    • Information regarding the target audience (target audience cannot include the lay public). Please specify if the program applies to RDs, DTRs and/or any other pertinent health professionals.
    • Qualifications of speaker(s) / presenter(s). These should be biography, resume, or Curriculum Vitae. The PA Academy recommends submitting a biography rather than a resume or CV for each speaker.

Please note: If the above information/documentation is not uploaded in the CDR database, your program will be denied and you will need to re-submit with the documentation above.

4. Please allow 4 weeks from the time payment is sent for processing of your approval of your application.

Please note: Program organizers should provide the CDR Continuing Professional Education Certificate of Attendance form available in the CDR database to attendees. Use of the CDR attendance form is required for the Pennsylvania Licensure Board to grant credit for the 30 continuing education units required for biennial licensure renewal in PA.

However, use of the CDR Continuing Professional Education Certificate of Attendance form does not by itself guarantee that the CPEUs will be acceptable to the Pennsylvania Licensure Board. For details on the types of continuing education that are acceptable and those that are not, please visit:, hover over the Policy and Advocacy tab and select Licensure and Consumer Protection. Log in, select Continuing Education, select Rules and Regulations, select § 21.724. Continuing education.