Member Spotlight: September 2018

Jule Anne Henstenburg, PhD., RD, LDN, FAND

Article by: Kimberly Wolf, RD, LDN, CDE
Meet PADA September 2018 Spotlight, Jule Anne Henstenburg PhD, RD, LDN, FAND. She is dedicated to the dietetics field and has made an impact in various areas of nutrition. She received a piece of career advice from her father early on that influenced her direction and happiness. “Find something that you love to do, that you love so much you are happy to go to work each day.” Jule Anne truly embraced this and has made contributions to our field in addition to the joy she receives by working in the profession.
Jule Anne attended Penn State University for her BS in Nutrition and earned her MS in Nutrition shortly after at Cornell University. She entered the field in a time when nutrition and chronic disease were being identified. The research was beginning to examine some of the physiologic mechanisms for those associations. She recalls this being an exciting time of discovery for the field and also credits her amazing professors and mentors throughout her education for their positive influence.
Her career path has been very rewarding. Initially, she worked in general research. It’s here where she developed important problem solving skills which set as a foundation. She desired more direct patient care and moved into clinical pediatric research. This is where she completed a supervised practice experience, obtained her RD credentials, and became a pediatric dietitian helping children & their families with special health needs. She worked at a pediatric private practice and then worked in the business end of dietetics for a pharmaceutical company. Later, Jule Anne transitioned her career into Education by working within a University. She held various positions including faculty, Director of a Didactic Program, and Director of a Coordinate Program in Dietetics.
In addition to her job, Jule Anne has been active with the PA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She reviewed and approved continuing education programs for the PA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for 6 years. Following that, she has been serving as State Policy Representative for the PAND Public Policy Committee for the past 4 years. She also is one of the co-chairs of the current PAND Licensure Task Force.
One piece of advice that Jule Anne would give to current dietetics students is:
“Change is inevitable. Embrace it, keep learning, and find the career paths that work for you throughout the different stages of your life.”
With this being said, Jule Anne shared the exciting news that she earned her PhD in Health Policy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia this year! She is very excited to start a new chapter as Director of Evaluation and Research at MANNA in Philadelphia, a non-profit organization that provides medically-tailored meals and nutrition counseling to critically ill clients in a “Food is Medicine” model. The topic of her dissertation was outcomes research related to health policy so she is currently interested in research on MNT outcomes and the development of quality measures related to nutrition care.
Jule Anne Henstenburg’s big hope is that over the next decade, nutrition and dietetics professionals will help develop effective public policy that will allow everyone to be able to get the nutrition care and food resources they need to achieve good health and/or appropriate disease management.