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  • January 18, 2021

Diversity & Inclusion Resources

By Aubrey Redd, MS; Diversity Task Force Co-Chair

This year more than ever, diversity and inclusivity practices have taken the spotlight – and dietetics is no different! In the field of dietetics, more than 77% of RD’s are white non-Hispanic, leaving a crucially underserved and underrepresented demographic. That being said, the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, as well as PAND, are supporting lasting change through various D & I (diversity & inclusion) initiatives.

Academy Initiatives

The Academy’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee stands with the goal to establish “policies and strategies to enhance the recruitment, retention, and inclusion of, and leadership development for, individuals from underrepresented groups as identified by the Academy”. This year, the Academy also established the Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group, consisting of 25 Academy members selected for their expertise in the field. The committee’s 2020-2021 strategic goals include:

  • Develop action plans in 30-day increments.
  • Facilitate and design D & I listening sessions.
  • Develop the D & I Advisory Group.
  • Support the D & I liaison program.
  • Promote diverse leadership development with the D & I Leaders program.
  • Support D & I grants and scholarships.
  • Submit a D & I proposal for FNCE 2021.
  • Identify collaboration opportunities.

In addition to the strategic goals of the D & I Committee, the Academy of Nutrition has also announced a new Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship with the Nutrition and Dietetics Educators/Preceptors member interest group. The program seeks to find and address barriers to students and professionals of diverse backgrounds. Interested in applying? Applications are due January 28th, 2021.

PAND Initiatives

With the support of the current diversity co-chairs, Talya Adams and Aubrey Redd, PAND has initiated the Diversity Task Force. This Task Force seeks to support D & I initiatives while creating a space for information and resource sharing between the PAND board and Pennsylvania district affiliates. The PAND Diversity Task Force meets monthly to discuss various relevant topics. If you know of any great diversity resources or would like to support, reach out to Aubrey Redd at reddaubrey@gmail.com for more information!

As you may have heard, this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo is focusing on Cultivating Culture: Celebrating Diversity and Under-Represented Topics. The AME committee is looking to “celebrate diverse or underrepresented topic areas while provoking discussion and audience engagement”. If you’re interested or know someone who would be a great fit, email AND.pand2@gmail.com to submit proposals and abstracts!

Resources & Links

How can you support diversity and inclusivity in your practices, and your day to day lives? Here are some helpful tips and resources to get you started on your journey to cultural competence. You can find links to all the information referenced below on the Academy of Nutrition resource page.

  • Follow or join an Academy member interest group.
  • Read one of the many diversity and inclusion articles from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (JAND).
  • Apply or nominate someone for one of the diversity grants, awards, or scholarships.
  • Investigate some of the available JAND research studies.
  • Read cultural competency publications.
  • Listen, watch, or participate in inclusive recorded sessions, videos and webinars.

The only way to support diversity in the field of dietetics is to become more self-aware! These resources can help support you on your own journey, or inform your future practices and the practices of others.



Aubrey Redd, MS completed her BS in Nutrition & Dietetics and MS in Community Nutrition at West Chester University. She is currently a dietetic intern with the West Chester University distance dietetic internship and plans to sit for her registration exam in summer 2021.