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  • December 10, 2017

Forging New Connections, Rediscovering Old Ones at AME

By Katie Siegel, PAND Media Team Member

From April 5th -7th, more than 200 PAND members will converge on the Harrisburg-Hershey Holiday Inn Hotel in Grantville, Pa., for 2018’s Annual Meeting and Expo. In addition to earning continuing education credits and checking out new products in the exhibit hall, attendees will have the opportunity to hear what’s new in Pennsylvania’s dietetic community, reconnect with old classmates and colleagues, and forge new relationships.

“What I like best about AME is the wide variety of topics that are presented. They always draw me in and I find interest in things I never thought I would,” said member Erin Pover.

“The programing is always diverse and relevant. It is also a great value – somehow they manage to keep pricing low but offer plenty of CEU’s,” said member Julie Charnosky.

This year, one pre-conference workshop will focus on mindfulness and whole body health, of which nutrition is just one integral component. According to Emily Richter, MS, RDN, LDN, and AME co-chair, “WholeHealth is becoming a large part of where Dietitians are headed.” Pre-conference workshops begin at 4pm on Thursday, April 5th, while regular sessions begin Friday.

This year’s lineup of speakers also includes Donna Martin, President of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“I am very excited to have her as one of our Friday speakers!” Richter said.
In addition to educational opportunities, a key benefit of attending AME is the face-to-face interaction with other dietitians or RDs-to-be. Whether you’re hunting for a new position, seeking a mentor in a new area of expertise, or reconnecting with old friends, the chance to put a face to a name and shake someone’s hand cannot be replicated through emails and phone calls.
“Dietitians always have excellent resources and sharing those with each other helps expand not only one’s own knowledge and tools, it enhances the professions integrity too,” Richter said.

“Not enough can be said about the value and benefits of networking. Potential new job opportunities, resources to do your job better or easier, and inspiration to ignite your passions — AME is a great avenue to meet that target and move forward with the next steps,” said member Stephanie Minkoff.

AME also makes a good setting for socializing and catching up on old friendships. “A few years ago, I was sitting in a lecture room at AME when it was outside of Pittsburgh. I looked up to the right and saw a friend from college sitting not 10 seats away. I was so excited I left my seat ran around the room and sat next to her. The rest is history…we’re again in touch and the best of colleagues and friends,” said member Meg Rowe.

Located near the Harrisburg-Hershey metropolitan area, the 2018 AME will offer plenty of options for dining out and enjoying the town.

“It is so important to dedicate time to re-energize yourself on a professional and personal level. AME is ideal to learn cutting edge information, network with colleagues from across our large state and enjoy local “foodie” activities,” Rowe said.

Look for Richter and fellow Co-Chair Katelyn Quick to release more details about the meeting agenda as the date draws closer.