• By Deanna Segrave-Daly
  • In 2018
  • January 3, 2018

Good-For-You Winter Soups To Warm You Up

by Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD

Ahh, January. For many of us, it means wind chills, ice, snow and/or frigid temperatures. And the comfort food is calling.

So, this time of year, I rely on lots of hearty soups and chilis – chockful of veggies and lean protein – to keep me satisfied and warm until Spring arrives (only 76 more days but who’s counting?)

Here are some of my favorite soup recipes for the dead of winter:

Cheesy Broccoli and Greens Soup
This soup is one I’ve made regularly for years during the colder months – it’s such a great way to get lots of greens into your day but in a tasty way.

Turkey Tortilla Soup
Adapted from a beloved Sesame Street cookbook, this soup is easy to make and one everyone in my family actually eats.

Chicken Pastina Soup with Kale
Straight from my childhood, this is an Italian-American favorite of mine with a greens update.

Creamy Squash Thai Soup
Tofu makes this soup creamy while curry paste, lime juice, fish sauce and cilantro gives it a Thai flair.

Pasta e Fagioli with Greens
You could argue this is less of a soup and more of a soup-y pasta dish but whatever you call it, it’s an easy recipe that’s a staple in my kitchen.

Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD
Deanna Segrave-Daly, RD is a food-loving dietitian from Philadelphia who shares nutritious family recipes, healthy kitchen hacks and culinary tips at Teaspoon of Spice.