• By Clancy Harrison
  • In 2017
  • August 16, 2017

Kids Eat Right Month™: Year-Round Resources

By Caroline West MS, RDN, LDN, CLT

I recently found myself doing something I’m trained NOT to do: skimming over the background and statistics included in some articles rather than really reading them. Why? Because I feel like it is common knowledge that America has an obesity problem with kids being both overweight and undernourished and I wasn’t really interested in the latest statistic that I could look up for myself – I was interested in the call to action. I want to know what ideas people are trying, what people are doing to address the obesity epidemic and the evidence-based resources that have come from this work to replicate it myself. Let me tell you, there is A LOT being done, especially for kids. I was overwhelmed and this area is my passion and my profession so I can only imagine how parents and teachers feel if they have been tasked with delivering a nutrition activity.

Not all of the information out there, even activities and lessons geared toward kids, is applicable to every kid. Preschool kids have very different needs than high school ‘kids’ (don’t let them hear you call them that) and a parent trying to execute an activity at home needs different resources than a middle school teacher at school.

So today, I am here to share with you curated content organized by target audience to help you, effectively, keep the momentum going all year long that you gain during Kids Eat Right MonthTM!

Kids Eat Right Month™: Year-Round Resources for Parents

  • Want to build a great plate?  Use these clever activity sheets to find ideas and tips! Visit MyPlate Kids’ Place
  • At Team Nutrition Schools, a coalition of community volunteers is dedicated to making the school lunch program better, and to providing fun and entertaining nutrition education activities in the classroom and the cafeteria. Visit USDA Team Nutrition
  • Are you looking for ideas to help your family eat healthy, get active, and reduce screen time? Try using the helpful tips in We Can!’s parent tip sheets with your family. Visit We Can!
  • CDC has developed a set of resources called Parents for Healthy Schools to help schools and school groups (e.g., parent teacher associations (PTA), parent teacher organizations (PTO), school wellness committees) engage parents to create healthy school environments. Visit Parents for Healthy Schools

Download a FREE guide on cooking tasks for your child at any age HERE.

Kids Eat Right Month™: Year-Round Resources for Teachers

  • Parents and teachers are invited to use the MyPlate Kids’ Place resources to deliver credible information and find “teachable moments” that will influence children’s choices at home and at school. Preschool Age, Teens, High School
  • The following five lessons were part of a three year High School Outcome Evaluation to evaluate the effectiveness of these lessons to positively impact the knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes of eligible students in regards to eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, low fat milk, and calcium-rich foods for meals and/or snacks and increased physical activity. Visit High School
  • Why do we eat? How do our bodies use the foods we eat? What organ or system in your body may not be getting enough of what it needs? This interactive feature from NOVA will fill you in. Visit Middle School
  • These lessons were designed to complement the Newspapers in Education (NIE) Supplement called Food Safety: From Farm to Table and are made available by PennState Extension. Visit Middle School Food Safety

August is Kids Eat Right Month™, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Academy Foundation’s chance to highlight the fight for our children’s healthy future. Find out how you can get involved!





Caroline is a Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the owner of Caroline West, LLC  and the Past President of the Pittsburgh Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. When she isn’t fielding media interviews, consulting with clients, or fooling her friends with food you will likely find her spending quality – and active – time with her family. You can find Caroline on facebook, twitter, and Instagram.