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The following information, links and pages contain information to assist you with your PA State License.  If you need further assistance, please contact:

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PA State Board of Nursing

The Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist license is overseen by the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing.

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Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

Phone: 717-783-7142

Fax: 717-783-0822


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How do I start the application process to become licensed as a licensed dietitian nutritionist in Pennsylvania?

 In Pennsylvania Registered Dietitians Nutritionists (RDNs) and Clinical Nutrition Specialists (CNSs) can apply for a professional license on the Pennsylvania Department of State’s online Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS). Applicants should begin by registering (Found on the left side menu) for an account.


How much is the application fee?

The State charges a non-refundable application fee of $95.00.


In addition to the application, what else is required to complete the process?


For more information on the Child Abuse CE providers that must be used for licensure, please click Act 31 (



What if I encounter issues during the application process?

If you are having issues with the login process, you can contact the Help Center.This will require your Social Security number to assist with access.

Or for login or any other issue,  you may submit a ticket to the PALS Support Desk.

If you need to directly contact the Board of Nursing

Phone: 717-783-7142 or email: ST-NURSE@PA.GOV

Change/Address Change/Duplicate license

You can request a name or address change online at Login with your User ID and Password and click the eye icon located on the left panel in your dashboard labeled "Personal Details." Be prepared to electronically upload a copy of one of the following name change verification documents: marriage certificate, divorce decree which indicates the retaking of your maiden name, passport, other “legal” document indicating the retaking of a maiden name.You can request a duplicate online at Login with your User ID and Password and locate the “Professional License Details” section on your dashboard. Find “Duplicate License” or “Duplicate Wall Certificate” in the dropdown request selection with the license associated with the duplicate you wish to order.

Continuing Education Requirements

LDN’s are required to complete at least 30 hours of continuing professional education during the two calendar years immediately preceding the application for license renewal. If an activity overlaps two renewal cycles, the date of the completion of the activity will determine the date in which the activity can be reported.

LDNs will verify on the biennial renewal application that they have completed at least thirty (30) credits of continuing professional education approved by the Board during the two years immediately prior to the renewal. LDNs will not be required to submit certificate of completion of CPE with the biennial renewal, but must retain these documents for at least five (5) years and will submit this documentation upon request of the Board.

IMPORTANT: All required continuing education must be completed BEFORE applying for licensure renewal. DO NOT SUBMIT RENEWAL APPLICATION UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL 30 CPE CREDITS

The Board approved the following organizations as providers of continuing professional education for LDNs:

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • The American College of Nutrition (ACN)
  • Individual state dietetic associations if a member of the Academy or ACN

The Board will accept for completion of the CPE requirement substantive learning experiences relating to the field of nutrition and dietetics which are not designed for the public and which are sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the ACN, by approved college or dietetic programs that meet the requirements of section 6(b)(2) of the act (63 P.S. § 216(b)(2)) that are approved by ACEND or the ACN when a certificate of attendance is issued, and courses related to the practice of dietetics-nutrition offered by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the Accreditation Council on Pharmaceutical Education, the American Osteopathic Association and the American Medical Association.

In addition to lecture-based CPE courses, LDNs may apply to the Board for approval of CPE credit and the Board may, upon review by the LDN Committee, grant credit for the following:

  • Case presentations, such as grand rounds or patient case studies
  • Academic coursework and research studies approved by an institutional review board
  • Interactive workshops
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Residency and Fellowship programs which are at the post baccalaureate level, and are sponsored by a United States regionally accredited college or university, or an institution accredited/approved by the Joint Committee on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or the National Committee for Quality Assurance

The Board will not accept for completion of the CPE requirement the following:

  • Academic coursework or programs on office management skills, or entrepreneurship, strategic business planning, computer skills, except courses directly related to the practice of dietetics-nutrition such as accessing nutrient analysis databases.
  • Attendance at exhibits manned by detail personnel
  • Journal clubs
  • Professional leadership, such as holding an elective office in a dietetics or dietetics-related organization
  • Professional reading for which there is no evaluative test submitted and no certificate of completion or CPE unit awarded

Documentation: The licensee shall retain documentation of completion of Board-approved continuing education for at least five (5) years and shall submit this documentation upon request of the Board.

Waiver: An LDN who can demonstrate to the Board a verified hardship may request a waiver of CPE requirements for a single biennial period. It shall be the duty of each licensee seeking waiver to notify the Board in writing and request the waiver, at least 60 days prior to the end of the biennial renewal period, which will be granted, denied, or granted in part.

For more information, see the State Board of Nursing website at or contact the Board at P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA, 17105-2649 or at 717-783-7142.

Licensure Renewal Cycles and Fees

The LDN renewal cycle is October 1 – September 30 of even calendar year.

Initial Application fee: $95.00

Renewal Application fee: $71.00

A notice for renewal will be mailed biennially to the mailing address of record prior to the expiration date of the current license or certification.  The license will be mailed to the address on record.  It will not be forwarded by the post office. Failure to receive the notice for renewal will not relieve you of the responsibility of renewing your license by the expiration date. It is required that you update your email address and mailing address with the Board within fourteen (14) days of any change.

To reactivate an expired or inactive license call (717) 783-7142.


Licensure Renewal Application

  • In order to submit your request for your initial license or your biennial license renewal, you must now register as a user with the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS). Please visit the main webpage for the PALS system at to begin the registration process. The Board of Nursing recommends completing the registration process far in advance of the license renewal period to avoid any issues when attempting to apply for your license renewal prior to September 30.
    • If you previously used the old electronic system for a license application or renewal, your information was transferred over to the PALS system.  Please use your previous login and password information.
    • If you are unable to recall either your password or your user ID, please visit
  • Please do not forget to complete your Act 31 Reporting Child Abuse Training prior to renewing your license.  A two-hour course must be completed once every renewal period.  For a listing of approved Act 31 training providers, please visit:

If you have any questions about the renewal process, please reach out to your Licensure Chair at



The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA), in conjunction with the Department of Public Welfare (DPW), is providing advance notice to all health-related licensees and funeral directors that are considered “mandatory reporters” under section 6311 of the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) (23 P.S. § 6311), as amended, that EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2015, all persons applying for issuance of an initial license shall be required to complete 3 hours of DPW-approved training in child abuse recognition and reporting requirements as a condition of licensure.

Additionally, EFFECTIVE WITH THE FIRST LICENSE RENEWAL AFTER JANUARY 1, 2015, all health-related licensees and funeral directors applying for the renewal of a license issued by the Board shall be required to complete at least 2 hours of Board-approved continuing education in child abuse recognition and reporting requirements as a condition of renewal.

Please note that Act 31 applies to all health-related licensees, regardless of whether they are subject to the continuing education requirements of the applicable board.

The training must be completed through courses approved by the PA State Board of Nursing.  The listing of approved courses can be found here.


1. Are LDNs Mandated Reporters and required to complete the training required under Act 31? I do not work with children, do I need to complete the training required under Act 31?

 YES to both. The definition of a mandated reporter states that any person licensed or certified to practice in any health-related field under the jurisdiction of the Department of State is considered a mandated reporter and thus required to complete the training. LDNs are licensed by the Board of Nursing which is under the Department of State. Thus, LDNs are mandated reporters and required to complete the training.

2. When should I take the training required under Act 31?

New applicants for LDN (as of January 1, 2015) must take 3 hours of approved training BEFORE applying for LDN. Current licensees must take a minimum of 2 hours of training BEFORE LDN licensure renewal.