Frequently Asked Questions

June 13, 2019


  1. I clicked on the link to find my legislator and it listed PA Representatives and Senators as well as Federal Representatives and Senators.  Do I contact everyone or just the PA Representatives?


Answer:  Please send your letter to only the PA Representative(s) listed at this time.



  1. Is there a Bill Number?


Answer:  Not yet. When you contact the PA Representative(s), please refer to it as the Dietitian Nutritionist Bill.  Once we have a Bill number, we will let everyone know the number.



  1. Where can I find a copy of the Bill?


Answer:  Once the bill is approved by the LRB (Legislative Reference Bureau) in Harrisburg, we will post it on the Licensure 2019 bill site of



  1. What is in the Bill?


Answer:  We are proposing the following major changes to our 2002 License statute:


  •  Expanded title protection.  Right now, the only protected title is “Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist”. Anyone in Pennsylvania can call themselves a nutritionist and so many other titles without the education, experience, and examination competency to practice medical nutrition therapy.  This bill will expand title protection to nutritionist and a variety of other titles so the unsuspecting patients will no longer be misled by misleading titles.


  • We are proposing dual licensure credentials: LDN for the Registered Dietitians/Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RD/RDNs) and LN for the Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNSs).


  • We are proposing to make medical nutrition therapy the legal and statutory scope of practice of licensed dietitian nutritionists (LDN) and licensed nutritionists (LN).


  • The new (updated) bill will assure the education and examination requirements to meet the 2024  updates to registration eligibility are firmly in place in Pennsylvania.


  • Interstate licensure reciprocity with states that allow reciprocity,  will become legal for LDNs and LNs in PA saving countless hours and streamlining the licensure process for LDNs and LNs in PA


  • Licensure by endorsement for LDNs in PA will protect RD/RDNs with degrees in areas other than nutrition and dietetics.


  • Although we are not proposing licensure for DTRs at this time, we are including DTRs in the bill to assure that they are legally able to practice to the full extent of their professional capabilities


  • We are proposing a streamlined application process for military members and their significant others allowing them ease of application for LDN/LN licensure.


  1. Which of the Representative in PA have already signed on to co-sponsor the bill?


Answer:  As this list is constantly changing, please contact Jule Anne Henstenburg ( for the most up to date information


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