Influencing Food and Nutrition Policy in PA

The AND Legislative, Public Policy Committee, and your state’s Public Policy Panel work hard to identify:

  • legislative and regulatory opportunities
  • build effective alliances
  • maintain a presence with elected officials

Jessica Royer, RD, LDN, Academy Public Policy Co-Chair, alongside State Representative Gerald Mullery, 119th District-Colburn, PA

AND Members:

  • make half the impression that thousands can
  • the power of “grassroots” activism is a pivotal element in our political system

Establishing the message (coming soon!)

Forming perceptions are formed by:

  • letters, e-mails and phone calls from constituents
  • meetings with constituents
  • town meetings or public forums with constituents
  • meetings with political allies
  • meetings with lobbyists
  • media coverage
  • research conducted by their staff members
  • their own surveys of voters events such as fundraisers