We have exciting news…

HB 1802 has been introduced and we need your help!

To read HB 1802 Dietitian Nutritionist Bill, click here

Get active to make this legislation happen!

Reach out to your Representatives – make a phone call, send an email, visit, or send a written letter or postcard. ANY CONTACT is important. If you are unsure who your legislator is, click on this link. 
Even if you have already reached out to your Representative, please reach out again and ask your representative to support Representative Mehaffie’s DIETITIAN NUTRITIONIST BILL – HB 1802.

White-Paper Summary

Click here for a one-page white-paper summarizing the bill to share with your representatives.

Why is this important

We need every RDN/LDN in PA to make calls, send emails, and write letters asking our state representatives for their support today!

This is our profession and our future. Act Now.